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January 2013

Became Northern Nevada and California support for CareStream Dental.

We now install and repair Dental X-Ray equipment in Nevada and Northern California. We are licensed in Nevada and California to install and repair X-Ray equipment.

May 2013

All security system sales or repair have been directed to CEI Electronics.

May 2012

Dean Verling my son is starting his internship with us. He has been working with computers since my days at Bank of America.

February 2012

Mike Moran starting with us in the telecommunications division.

January 2012

We became a Toshiba Telecommunications Dealer.

March 2011

Move KDH builders to their new location. Install all cabling and design their new network.

April 2009

We completed the installation of all low voltage equipment for Anthony M. Brunelli DDS. His new state of the art office includes 10 plasma TV's sound.

September 2009

Working with law enforcement we have collected video to knock down a ring of thieves in Reno and Sparks breaking into local storage units. After seeing the video the bad guys plead guilty and are awaiting their fate.

September 2007

We completed the installation of the surveillance at ArchBrook Laguna the premier distribution center for electronics nationwide.

See their website

January 2008

We incorporated and hired our first full time employee Richard Banks. It took 2 years but I found the perfect technician to be part of my team. As of November 2009 we have our eye on our second employee and a new Sales manager ...More info in the near future.

February 2006

Completed Video system installation in Far East Moana store. This system has caught bad guys also.

May 2006

Screenwave has been chosen to become an authorized AT&T reseller. We can now offer all services sold by AT&T.

July 2006

Completed move of R & K Homes in Reno.  Their website is Removed all computers from old office location on Friday and reinstall over the weekend so they were up and running on Monday.


January 2006

Moved to their new location in Reno. Installed 80 CAT5e drops along with paging, overhead music, satellite radio, & video monitoring system. Check out their very high tech solutions at

January 2006

Installed Prime memory Solutions cabling and moved all their equipment into their new location in Reno. Check them out at


November 2005

Install new video system at Emigrant Storage in Sparks.  Yes we have caught bad guys on it.




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